HSW – Fastening Elements Factory FASTEC Ltd is the leading manufacturer and supplier of fastening elements for building-, machine-building and electronic industry, engineering, petrochemistry, and motorization. We are the only producer of original fastening elements for building machines produced by HSW – they have been made for over 40 years on the basis of factory process documentation. Perfect knowledge of technology and long-standing market presence enable us to implement the demand for fastening elements with advanced mechanical properties.

We basically produce fastening elements according to national and foreign standards as well as non-standard size elements with advanced mechanical properties that can be marked individually. Our products find application mainly in engineering and automotive industries.
  Our fastening elements are compatible with the PN-EN ISO 9001 quality systems and guidelines included not only in Polish PN standards but also in foreign norms such as DIN, ISO, ASTM, EN. We are the producer of fastening elements for pressure equipments by 97/23/WE PED Directive too.

The catalogue of our products contains fastening elements for building machines, automobile and engineering industry, and also the majority of screws in accordance with the norms.

We offer our clients the following fastening elements with a wide range of mechanical properties: metric hexagon head bolts, inch hexagon head bolts, bolts for caterpillar tracks, dodecagonal head bolts, bolts used in car wheel fixing, studs, hot-forging bolts, standard and castle nuts, self-locking nuts, hydraulic plugs and nipples, bolts and rivets.
If you wish to know more details concerning our offer, please see the product catalogue.
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